Alley theater for families aged 5 and over

Amarelinha is an in situ play that takes place behind your house, in your alley. It’s about life, all of life, from birth to death.

The theatre is set around hopscotch, which dictates the unfolding of the play thanks to the puck thrown by the players, each of its squares a different stage of life, from earth to heaven.

Its protagonists are actors, dancers and musicians. To tell the story, they play hopscotch, Statues, with a ball, or The Conquest of the Castle.

Behind it, the performance leaves an alleyway transformed by the game, chalk drawn scenery, laughter and tears filling the balconies.

Affiche du spectacle Amaralinha inspirée des artistes Sandy Bessette, Mélanie Cullin, Solo Fugère, Jonathan Hardy, Xavier Malo, par Simon Fournier

text – direction | Simon Fournier

assistant director – choreographer | Sandy Bessette

creators – performers | Mélanie Cullin – Solo Fugère – Jonathan Hardy – Marilyn Perreault – Xavier Malo

costumes | Sarah Dubé – Sandy Bessette

scenography | La marche du crabe – Daniel Bennett

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