Educational Approach

La marche du crabe amalgamates diverse physical artistic mediums through creative projects and mediation. Coordinators and animators Sandy Bessette and Simon Fournier perform dance, theatre, and acrobatics. La marche du crabe‘s shows address different types of audiences, from children to young adults, both art lovers and passers-by. Therefore, each mediation workshop targets specific participants and involves specialized artistic and educational objectives.

The team of mediators/animators begins by establishing terminology inspired by the artistic proposal. This approach helps demystify and understand the proposal at hand and take ownership of it. Body movement is then introduced through fun and simple exercises, encouraging physical expression that reflects these artistic discussions. This helps quiet concerns about dancing, theatre, singing, or acrobatics and sparks curiosity about the next step. La marche du crabe promotes the participants’ creativity and encourages everyone to get involved while respecting their own capabilities and skills.

As things progress, there is more attention to detail and precision and a deeper understanding of artistic direction and challenges that help the participants excel and fully experience the integrity of these artistic mediums.

Available Workshops

When the Game Tells the Story
For ages 5 to 12
A Taste of the Circus
For ages 2 to 5
For ages 7 to 12
From the Everyday to the Imaginary
For ages 4 to 8
Dance and theater

Archived Workshops

Do As I Do!
For ages 2 to 6
Dance and parkour
From Letters to Sounds
For 0-18 months
Singing and reading
Landscapes of the Body
For ages 3 to 6