De doigts et de pied

Dance and music for toddlers aged 18 months and up

De doigts et de pied is a sensory experience in which the audience is carried along on the journey of BonHomme, the protagonist who is both a finger puppet – walking on his index and middle fingers – and sometimes a full-figure puppet – a moving body among the chorus. The dancers in turn create the scenography and movement, composing the various landscapes visited with their bodies and voices. From mountain to sea, desert to glacier, forest to city, bodies, sounds, smells and sensations combine to bring the spectator into a multi-sensory experience.

choreography | Sandy Bessette

composition – musical interpretation | Charmaine Leblanc

creation – interpretation | Elise Bergeron – Geneviève Bolla – Rosalie Famelard – Simon Fournier – Angélique Poulin – Jessica Viau

creative participation | Marie-Ève Demers – Anna Ward

costumes | Marie-Hélène Lampron

Workshop Landscapes of the Body

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