Circus, dance and music for little-ones

Hiatus highlights those suspended moments when nothing happens, the apodictic interstices of childhood play and creativity.

Tackling the concepts of territories, spaces and partitions, the play area is circumscribed by a wooden palisade and a mesh fence. Cloistered in this courtyard, two acolytes enjoy constructing and deconstructing sculptures, weavings, places and routes, with the wooden blocks and clothes at hand. Through the window, the musician next door unwittingly accompanies the meanderings of their creations and their relationship.

Intended for toddlers aged 2 to 5, the vocabularies of dance, theater and circus are woven into a wordless language, where the relationship with others and with space is paramount. The musical universe combines wind sounds, with clarinet, saxophone and various flutes, and is punctuated by the sounds of everyday life and manipulated materials, leaving the instrumentalist free to draw inspiration from both the artists on stage and the environment around them.

Affiche du spectacle Hiatus inspirée des artistes Sandy Bessette, Simon Fournier, Camille Rosset-Balcer

direction + choreography + substitutes| Sandy Bessette – Simon Fournier

musical direction + stage direction assistance | Delphine Véronneau

creator-performers | Eline Guélat + Vincent Jutras

composer | Aurélien Tomasi

performer | Camille Rosset-Balcer

scenography | Daniel Bennett + Frédéric Lemieux-Cormier

lighting | Natasha Descôteaux

illustration + poster | Alexa Perchemal + Frédéric Lemieux-Cormier

photos | Denis Martin


Hiatus is a brust of smiles, a breath of natural freshness. It's a suspended moment where play takes its place, where the imagination unfolds, where one action leads to another, then another, then another, like an infinite domino effect! Little ones are carried away by the colorful magic of the performers, their physical virtuosity and the enveloping presence of the music. They're fascinated by what's being built in front of them. Hiatus is a joyful echo of childhood, the pleasure of sharing and the power of imagination.

Julie Doneda - Ville de Laval

My daughter loved the sets, the house with the window that opens, the hanging clothes and the two friends doing all sorts of crazy things with the blocks.

Justine Bourguignon-Tétreault - Mom the past year, everything has come together and the urgency to act that they felt has enabled them to implement an accelerated approach so that these ecogestures become the norm, so that everything is embedded in the very mission of the organization...

Blogue Conseil Québécois des Événements Écoresponsables

This show brings together circus, dance and music in the same space, a real Hiatus. The duo/trio takes children into the imaginary world of play, space, construction and deconstruction, through the interpretation of quality artists and a precise, delicate staging.

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