Remous Remis

Acrobatic theater for toddlers aged 3 and up

Who makes the rules? You or me? You + Me!
Without a word, we trace limits, we delimit.

We build territories, we share them, we defend them.

Remous Remis is a brother and a sister trying to make work their imagination together, sometime in rejection, sometime in negotiation, all of it, to play together in jubilation, It’s going down the Mississippi on a raft, going around obstacles, treading coastlines, beating down storms and taming wild beasts.

A show all in motion and suspension, like the crest and trough of a wave.

Remous Remis approaches the concerns of a brother-sister relationship.  Complicity, sharing and collaboration alternate with misunderstanding, stubbornness and compromise to find solution to conflicts.  The relational conflicts take form throughout games and role-playing between a brother and sister.  Reflecting my own childhood, the tools used to illustrate such a story are objects from everyday life as well as their own body. They dance, play, imitate each other and even do acrobatics to share their imagination together. A lamp, hanging from the ceiling, is the only rooted element in the show. The blanket, the chair and the cardboard rolls are transforming throughout the show into animal, tools and exotic objects by the power of their imagination.

creation – actors – dancers | Sandy Bessette – Xavier Malo

rehearsal director | Simon Fournier

music | Nicolas Martz – Eric Forget

costumes – scenography | La marche du crabe

Workshop From the Everyday to the Imaginary

Our Partner

Remake 2019 – Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec