Alley theater for families ages 8 and up

It’s the last day of summer and time is running out. Today marks the end of childhood, for tomorrow Victor enters high school. It’s Ragnarök.

He’s torn between fear and the opportunity to be a new Victor. Nobody knows him there. He’s nobody’s friend, neighbor or brother. He can be whoever he wants to be. But he could also get lost, not find the door to his math class, forget the code to his lock, be mocked or labeled… To help him, Sam suggests one last game: “just like when we were kids”.

Victor is the sequel to the play Amarelinha. Two years later in the fiction, the show explores questions of identity, peer acceptance, grief, and courage. It’s a play that expresses itself through the playfulness we associate with childhood, and it tackles issues that carry us all the way through to adulthood.

Poster for the show Victor inspired by the artists Sandy Bessette, Laura Côté-Bilodeau, Mélanie Cullin, Solo Fugère, Jonathan Hardy, Xavier Malo, by Simon Fournier

text + direction | Simon Fournier

director’s assistance + choreography | Vincent Jutras + Delphine Véronneau

creators-performers | Sandy Bessette + Laura Côté-Bilodeau + Mélanie Cullin + Solo Fugère + Jonathan Hardy + Xavier Malo

costumes | Marc-André Poliquin

illustration + poster | Alexa Perchemal

photos | Denis Martin + Alexandra Grenier


It is an incredible moment that we experienced thanks to you this morning! Bravo to you for this magnificent play, for your performance, for your humor, for your love. We had tears in our eyes, our mouths agape, and our hearts enriched by this beautiful story. We wish you a wonderful journey with this performance.

Morgane et Alexandre - citizens

A gift to humanity! Seriously, it feels great! Such a well-balanced show! Humble and dedicated! Funny and sad! Mocking and playful. Brimming with imagination and searing with reality! A treat for the imagination of both young and old! Bravo to La marche du crabe.

Eline Guélat - circus artist

We recognize Simon's aesthetic: it's beautiful, it's funny, and we cry at the end.

Eve Bernard - Une école montréalaise pour tous

It's so important that they see this show, and so essential to their openness to the world ahead, to the challenges of life. Thank you so much!

Grade 6 teacher

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