Le Mobile (Hanging Mobile)

Circus for infants and toddlers

Le Mobile mixes circus arts, storytelling, singing and music in order to give toddlers an immersive experience while introducing them to performance arts. The child revisits his or her mobile, magnified by moving bodies, tracing lights and shadows by their choreographies, through the rhythms of the songs and shape-changing objects. Hanging from the suspended objects, the artists pull the children in a space of trust allowing openness and receptivity to moments of proximity and eccentricity. Le Mobile is a musical circus performance presenting original compositions and drawing inspiration from literary works and classics from different countries. The choir is in the spotlight, whether it is during ballads, a round dance or a chanson à répondre, and the public is invited to join in. Parents also enter their children’s cosy universe and accompany them in their first artistic adventure.

director | Sandy Bessette

artists | Sandy Bessette – Julie Choquette – Simon Fournier – Nadine Louis – T  | substitue Laurence Racine

creation collaborators | Erin Drumheller – Bailey Eng

music | the artists + Mélanie Cullin – Charmaine Leblanc

scenography| La marche du crabe + Benoit Archambault – Daniel Bennett

costume | La marche du crabe with the eye of Sarah Dubé

Available for tour
(From letters to sound) Des lettres aux sons
(Little bites of circus) Petites bouchées de cirque
Technical sheet
Video capture

Un mobile humain qui tourne au-dessus des parents et de leur bébé.


... une immersion dans une bulle réconfortante où le chant, les berceuses, la danse acrobatique et la musique stimulent les petits tout en créant une expérience de découverte.


... une réussite où le spectacle est
autant sur scène que dans la salle !

Sophie Labelle, directrice de la Maison Théâtre

Juste WOW! Comme un bébé dans sa bassinette|

Radio-Canada Première

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