Les Explositions

Improvised dance inspired by “plastic” art

Interested in the encounter between the force of a suggestive object and ephemeral scenic art, Les Explositions are presented through improvised dance and installations. They come to life through the interrelation between contemporary dance and visual arts, seeking to attract audiences from both artistic backgrounds. These inspired interpretations bring on an kinaesthetic dimension to these inanimate “plastic” works. Whether it is the colours, shapes, textures, volume, or theme of these canvases, sculptures, drawings, and installations that inspire meaning and momentum, they are reflected by the movement of the dancers. By staying true to the spirit of the works of art, Les Explositions aims to not overwhelm the audience, but rather pay tribute and reflect the mood and theme already suggested by the exhibition.

Presented during a vernissage or scheduled evening event, Les Explositions offers a poetic journey in which the works of art are interpreted and analysed with the collaborators. The public is invited to watch the performers embody these works through improvised danced inspired by the art. Although these performers are influenced by the artist’s background and intention behind their work, improvisation remains the focal point of expression, creating a vibrant atmosphere and sparking spontaneity.

Cultural interaction workshops centred around improvised dances that reflect a work of art are offered to both children and adults from all backgrounds.

concept | sandy bessette – priscilla guy – harmonie fortin léveillé

creators – performers | sandy bessette – mélanie cullin – simon fournier – artistes variés

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